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NueBar Travel Tin - Fits One Regular Size Bar

NueBar Travel Tin - Fits One Regular Size Bar

NueBar Travel Tin - Fits One Regular Size Bar

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Plastic Free | Made of Aluminium | Reusable | Recyclable | Perfect for Travelling

This convenient travel tin fits one regular size NueBar Bars of any kind, allowing you to travel anywhere conveniently. It is great to taking it on your camping trip, road trip and even on a plain. It will set you free from airport liquid hassles or spills.

❀ TIP  For best results always make sure your Mini Travel Tin and your Nuebar are dry. Air drying is best but if in a hurry pat dry with a towel and off you go. If the bar was still a little moist when you packed it then make sure you open up your tin at your destination.

Warning! The lid will stay on this tin, even when upside down, when the contents weigh 105g (the weight of our heaviest bar, the body wash) or less. However occasionally NueBars are slightly overweight, (more for you) and this can cause the lid to come off when held upside down. A few uses of the bar and it will sort this out. Once the bar is 105g or under you are good to go.

The Travel Tins are made of Aluminium. This means it will not rust and is also highly recyclable.

Size: 10cm W x 7cm D x 3cm H

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