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Resparkle Clean Up Bundle

Resparkle Clean Up Bundle

Resparkle Clean Up Bundle

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Eco-friendly Cleaning | Plant-based Formula | Biodegradable | Sensitive Skin Favourite | Plastic Free and Compostable Refill Package | Reusable Glass Bottle | Vegan | Cruelty Free | Made in Australia by Resparkle


Resparkle Clean Up Bundle - All three Resparkle bottles of goodies in one single pack!

This eco-friendly bundle has a gentle cleaning formula that removes grime, grease and dirt with ease, without irritating your sensitive skin. Plus it helps you to reduce your waste footprint by offering reusable silicone-protected glass bottles and 100% home compostable refill sachets.

Learn all about these three legends here: ✲ All-Purpose Cleaner; ✲ Natural Dish Wash; ✲ Natural Foaming Hand Wash.

What is in the Bundle:

- All-Purpose Cleaner - 1x Reusable silicone-protected glass spray bottle (500mL); 2x All-Purpose refill sachets (100% home compostable); 1x Recyclable copper scrubber (scratch-free guarantee).

- Natural Dish Wash - 1x Reusable silicone-protected glass bottle (500mL); 2x Natural Dish Wash refill sachets (100% home compostable); 1x Recyclable power-up scrubber (scratch-free guarantee); 1x Hemp dish sponge.

- Natural Foaming Hand Wash - 1x Reusable silicone-protected glass bottle (400mL); 1x Attachable foaming hand pump; 2x Foaming Hand Wash refill sachets (100% home compostable).

How to use it: ✲ All-Purpose Cleaner; Natural Dish Wash✲ Natural Foaming Hand Wash.

Best features: Biodegradable; Plant-based Formula; Great for Sensitive Skin; Vegan; Cruelty Free; Reusable Glass Bottles; 100% Plastic Free Refill Sachets that come in Compostable Packaging; Made in Australia

Ingredients:  All-Purpose Cleaner✲ Natural Dish Wash Natural Foaming Hand Wash.

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