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Natural Dish Wash 8 Refills Pack

Natural Dish Wash 8 Refills Pack

Natural Dish Wash 8 Refills Pack

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Eco-friendly Cleaning | Plant-based Formula | Biodegradable | Sensitive Skin Favourite | Plastic Free and Compostable Refill Package | Vegan | Cruelty Free | Made in Australia by Resparkle

Say goodbye to your plastic bottled, abrasive and artificial dishwashing liquid and welcome the zero waste, eco-friendly and skin-safe Resparkle Natural Dish Wash. 

Its concentrated and yet gentle formula will get your dishes sparkling clean without irritating your sensitive skin. It is made of plant-based ingredients, so it can also be safely used to wash your fruits and veggies. Plus it comes with a reusable glass bottle.

With Resparkle Natural Dish Wash you will get your dishes done, while keeping your family and our planet safe! 

If you already have your Resparkle Natural Dish Wash Starter Kit but you ran out of refill sachets, all you have to do is get some more!

This 8 Refills Pack will get you sorted in no time! And just like that you can keep using your Resparkle reusable glass bottle again and again and again...

You only need 2 refill sachets to make 500mL of Natural Dish Wash. And this pack comes with EIGHT!!! That's dish wash liquid for a long time!!

Even if you don't have a Resparkle reusable glass bottle, but instead, you have an old bottle from your previous dishwashing liquid, that is totally fine. Repurposing old bottles is also great for the environment. All you will need then is the refill pack. Woohoo!!

What is it good for: Cleaning your cutleries, dishes and cookware with ease, cutting through cooking grease, washing fruits and vegetables, reducing single use plastic in your home.

What is in the pack: 8x Natural Dish Wash refill sachets (100% home compostable).

How to use it: ✲ Cut two of the eight sachets following the tear line and pour the powder carefully into your Resparkle glass bottle (You can also reuse any clean and empty bottle you have at home. Remember, the idea is to reduce our impact to the environment, and repurposing what we have at home is always a great idea ). ✲ Fill the glass bottle with warm water - NOT BOILING!!  You will need 500mL of warm water if you are using one sachet. ✲ Cap the glass bottle and give it a gentle swirl (CAREFUL at this step, make sure the water is not boiling and be gentle when swirling the glass bottle. If the water is too hot and you cap it and swirl, it can build pressure inside the bottle. Your safety is our priority too ).  Leave it for 40 min or until the powder has fully dissolved (a couple of extra gentle swirls here can help). ✲ Your Natural Dish Wash is ready to be used Note: This is a low suds formula. The best way to use it is to apply them directly on your dish sponge.

Best features: Biodegradable; Plant-based Formula; Great for Sensitive Skin; Vegan; Cruelty Free; Reusable Glass Bottle; 100% Plastic Free Refill Sachets that come in Compostable Packaging; Scrubber is made of Copper, which can be recycled unlimited times; Made in Australia

Ingredients: Coconut derived surfactants - Plant-based cleanser; Citric Acid - provides the right pH clean without drying or irritating your skin; Sodium Bicarbonate - Cleaning aid; Potassium Sorbate - Maintains shelf life (it is a salt derived from sorbic acid, which is equivalent to molecule naturally found in fruits); Sodium Benzoate - Maintains shelf life (it is a salt derived from benzoic acid, which is equivalent to molecule naturally found in fruits); Eucalyptus essential oil; Tangerine essential oil.

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