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Bits Bag Letter F

Bits Bag Letter F

Bits Bag Letter F

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Plastic Free | Zero Waste | Compostable | Help you to Reduce Waste | Australian made

The amazing bunch from NueBar have got your back when all you got left from your Face Wash Bar is a small bit at the end. We all get that although small, those bits and pieces are still packed with quite a punch of goodness. So all you have to do is add you bits to the NueBar Bits Bag F and enjoy your Face Wash Bar until the very end. Plus, the bits bag also helps you to reduce any waste that you would have from your Face Wash bar.

Made of: 100% cotton.

Best features: Plastic Free, Compostable, Great to ensure you use your Conditioner Bars until the very last bit.

How to use: ✲ Add your Face Wash Bar bits into your bits bag. ✲ Make the bits bag wet.  ✲ Lather the bag in your hands and apply the lather onto your face.  Hang the bits bag to dry it, so it is ready for the next time.

✩ Note 1 - The NueBar team of starts has added a handy F so you know it is your Face Wash bits that are in your bits bag.

✩ Note 2 -  Although NueBar Bits Bag will fit a whole bar and can be used as a bar holder from day one, it is generally recommended that you only use them after  your bar breaks into two or more pieces - hence "bits bag". Using them this way achieves maximum lifespan for both your bars and the bags.

How to look after you Bits Bag: 

 The preservative system in the NueBar bars help to prevent the bits bags from moulding when in use.

❋ Bits bags that are stored damp without containing any bars can be prone to mould growth. 

 To store you bits bag properly once you have finished using it, wash in the washing machine and dry completely before storing. Get it back out again when you need it.

 Your bits bag should last many cycles when used this way. When it does start to fall apart it can be cut into pieces and placed in the compost.

Size: 10cm x 10cm

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions -

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